Metro Fence offers the Best Fence Contractors or repair Bellevue


Most Finest Fence Contractors Bellevue

A fence is a significant investment, and we know it’s crucial for our customers in Bellevue that we finish the fence installation as quickly as possible.

Metro Fence, a company with over 25 years of expertise in the Bellevue fence market, removes the stress of purchasing a fence so that we can finish your project more quickly than competitors.

Our Fences, Maintenance & Installation are Unparalleled in the Industry

Metro Fence has been providing the industry with premium fencing. We strive to go above and above for each of our Bellevue fencing clients.
We will start installing your Fence as soon as you sign with Metro Fence. Contact a Metro Fence expert about your project’s timeline and the necessary permissions in your area. We guarantee that your project will be finished on time.

Fence Repair Bellevue That Is Second to None

Metro Fence provides thousands of design and installation options for high-quality aluminum, bespoke vinyl, and agriculture goods, so whether you need a fence, deck, or Pergola for your backyard or a fence for your farm, we’ve got you covered.

We modify our methods throughout the process to accommodate each client’s unique needs and phase of the project. Whether you need a standard fence or something unique, our installation crews are just as qualified as the rest of our personnel to help you.

Quick and Secure Metro Fence Installation in Bellevue


In Bellevue, we need all fence installers to adhere to our strict policies on using motor vehicles, fire prevention, and respiratory protection.

Recognition Program

Our installation crew has received comprehensive training in all facets of the trade, including but not limited to the construction of various fences (vinyl, chain link, ornamental, etc.), the positioning of fence posts, the installation of fasteners, the installation of fence gates; and the handling of gate accessories.


Here at Bellevue, as the best fence contractors Bellevue, we only hire those who can legally work in the US. Thus we use e-verify to ensure all of our fence installers are legal residents.

Outstanding Focus on the Needs of Their Clientele

When you hire Metro Fence to perform your project, you can trust that we will handle your money with the utmost care. We stand behind our work 100% because we always strive to get it properly the first time. You may rest easy knowing that Metro Fence will treat your property as our own because we are a licensed, bonded, and insured business.

On behalf of our clientele, nothing short of great service will do. We welcome you with open arms, courteous service, and high-quality fence goods from when you call until the final inspection is complete. We’ve made it our mission to become the most respected fence company in the country by providing exceptional care for each of our customers.

Good Fences Are What We Do Best!

We don’t just make fences but also put in the good kind. Items have been carefully selected and rigorously tested to endure the harshest conditions. Here at Metro Fence, we only provide our customers with the greatest quality products since we stand by the quality of every fence installation we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please visit our website or call us now to book our service! Let us assist you in making an enduring work of art.